Sharing Chores And Using Clear TV Key Are Two Ways To Complete Your Household’s To-Do List

clear tv reviewDo you have a mental to-do list hanging around that never seems to get any shorter? For those who’d like to be more productive at home, there a few ways to go about accomplishing this – but every endeavor is going to take some effort. Whether you would like to make better use of your free time or would like to see your spouse or children doing the same, all it takes to set this process in motion in plan. By starting with a weekly schedule of tasks to accomplish, establishing regular chores or eliminating distractions with a Clear TV Key becomes much easier. For those looking to become more productive at home, we encourage you to continue reading and learn about a few more ways to improve your home life.

– Pitching In: There’s nothing wrong with enlisting the assistance of your family to knock out the myriad of tasks under the roof you share together. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), women spend more time tending to household duties than men. The totals are 2 hours and 15 minutes compared to 1 hour and 25 minutes, respectively. That being said, maybe it’s time to share the workload by asking men to pitch in with food preparation, which saw the greatest disparity in time spent working at home.

– Budget Booster: Cable television subscriptions are expensive, at more than $100 per month, and only encourage you to spend hours flipping through hundreds of channels. Check out any recent positive Clear TV review and you’ll see that this antenna that allows you to access dozens of broadcast channels is a purchase worthy of your consideration. According to The New York Times, the average American watches just over five hours of TV each day. With a Clear TV Key, you’ll still receive quality content that educates, informs and entertains, but gives you back the time that’s otherwise spent sitting on the couch.

– Root of Routine: Per the BLS stats, men spent more time working on “maintenance, repair and decoration” than women. It’s entirely possible that this aspect of housework could be shared if one party offered insight on how to get the tasks done. The same goes for household management, which saw women as more often being responsible for those tasks. Alternate on paying utility bills every month and you’ll have more time to devote to equal sharing of responsibilities.

Whether you’re looking to save money with a Clear TV Key or want to lessen possible sources of stress at home, its clear that households who want to take charge of the situation are already looking for solutions. Whether you find those solutions after reading a Clear TV review or putting that mental to-do list down on paper and hanging it on the refrigerator is up to you!


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