Things to Consider Prior to Mounting a TV

living-room-2583032_1280Did you recently purchase a new TV? Are you considering mounting the TV to a wall in your home? Mounting TVs has become a popular option because it helps to save space. When you mount the TV you no longer need a TV stand or piece of furniture to hold the TV in your bedroom, family room, or basement. Here are some things you need to consider before you mount a TV.

Will You Be Able to Hide the Cords?

There’s nothing worse than walking into a room with a mounted TV and seeing all of the cords and cables hanging down to where they are plugged into the outlet. You have a couple of different options to hide the cords. The first is to have an electrician run an outlet high up the wall that will be hidden by the TV when it is mounted. If this is not feasible you can purchase a cord hiding kit that blends in with the wall.

Where are the Ports?

Where the ports of the TV located? If they are in the back of the TV you will need to purchase a movable wall mount. If you mount the TV to the wall and it does not move, you won’t be able to access the ports to plug in a DVD player, video game console, or HDMI cable.

Where Do the Components Go?

Where will you place all of the components for the TV if it is being mounted? For example, you might have a cable box, video game console, DVD player and speaker system. Since the TV is not sitting on a piece of furniture you will need a place for all of the components. Consider installing a bookshelf underneath the TV for these components.

Be sure to take these clear TV review tips into consideration when mounting a TV.


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