Sell Old Gadgets, Search For Sales And Slice Cable TV Contract To Save Money On Tech


No matter the product, shopping for technology is expensive and one look at your receipt after leaving an electronics store can make your head spin. You can spend a few hundred dollars to a few thousands on a new laptop or desktop computer; a cell phone can set you back hundreds; cameras of any variety costs nearly $1,000 if not more for high-end models and those mp3 players that everyone had to have before the tech was built into our smart phones… they were a few hundred bucks, as well. Unless you’re financially comfortable, you might be able to pull off the purchase of one of these gadgets per year and the price problem is a nearly unavoidable one for members of today’s society who need to be plugged in at all times to operate efficiently. What’s a middle class consumer to do? Well, we’re glad you asked because there are plenty of ways to cut down costs when it comes to keeping with the times without breaking the bank.

– Change your outlook: This is the easiest option because it’s completely free. Your smartphone still makes calls and allows you to browse the Internet, correct? Then you don’t need to buy the newest iPhone just because Apple released an upgraded version. Are you paying $100 per month for cable television that largely goes unwatched. Then read some Clear TV Key reviews and realize that dozens of channels can be accessed with a one-time purchase of an antenna.

– Do the due diligence: Impulsive buys are the worst thing you can do to your wallet. When it comes to technology, a little bit of research goes a long way. Does  the manufacturer expect to release the newest iteration of the product in a few months – and will this version suit your needs a bit better? Is there an upcoming sale at one of the stores selling the item you’re looking for? Take a peek at the circulars in your local newspaper to find out if it’s better shop at one business over its competitor.

– Ease the burden borne: As previously stated, technology is expensive. One of the best ways to take a bite out of the final bill is by selling off the items you already own. Buying a brand new camera? Knock off a few hundred dollars by selling the body or lenses you’ll never need nor use again. Some tech experts suggest checking out Craigslist, Etsy or eBay as a way for private owners to market their products to the immediate region or world.


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